Intoxication Calculation

Calculate the best deals on your favorite beers at the bar.

Have you ever been in a rush at the bar? Wondering which beer is the best deal in the time that you have? Just which beer has the most alcohol for your dollar? Look no further than the Intoxication Calculation. We are helping you find the best deals for the drinks you enjoy! Using a formula designed after tedious research at beer stores and bars, while also surveying individuals on what they feel are great deals for drinks, we are able to tell you whether or not the beer you're about to pay for is worth your money. Also, we calculate exactly how many ounces of alcohol you are getting per dollar spent. The more ounces of alcohol per dollar, the happier you'll be! Compare all the drinks on the menu and see which is the best buy. Download the Intoxication Calculation! Happy drinking!

What's New?

Version 1.1:
Available on November 18th, 2012

NEW! Compare up to three different beers at a time side by side! Just enter the information for each beer, and we'll tell you which is the best deal!

NEW! Curious how intoxicated you are? Calculate your Blood Alcohol Content now to find out! Disclaimer: This calculation is an estimate and should not be used to determine sobriety.

NEW! Not sure of the ABV of your beer? Look up common beers on tap and their ABV's. Just click on your beer and we'll enter the value for you!