A new twist on your favorite retro computer game!

If you were a fan of arcade style computer games in the early 90's then you were probably a fan of Lemmings. Now you can check out Crazy Castaway, a new fun game that takes some of the best aspects of Lemmings gameplay and spins them into a unique game of its own. Play as either Rusty, Cookie, or Pete and help them escape from a dangerous forest they've become stranded in. Will they survive this wacky, puzzle environment? Only you can control their fate.

• Graphic Design by Philip Gross
• Development by Meowing Rooster LLC

Winner of Drexel University's 2013 Research Day

What's New?

Version 1.0:

NEW!Play through 24 exciting and challenging levels in our Forest world.

NEW! Compare your achievements with your friends using GameCenter!

NEW! Get stuck on a level? All sorts of items are available for purchase that may help you out.