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What exactly is a Meowing Rooster? It's a question we have been asked several times over the past fews months. After diligent searching through thesaurus' and dictionaries we just couldn't come up with a viable answer; until now. Meowing Rooster LLC is a dynamic duo with a love for programming. As this passion was nurtured, Meowing Rooster LLC was formed in late 2012. The company is delivering the mobile applications we, and hopefully you, want to see in the best way we know how; having fun. Have a good idea for a mobile application you say, but don't know how to create it. Well your search ends now. Meowing Rooster LLC can also be contracted to complete the mobile applications you or your company needs. Know this, you'll never know what a Meowing Rooster is unless you experience it firsthand. We hope you enjoy our products. :)

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Intoxication Calculation

Have you ever been in a rush at the bar? Wondering which beer is the best deal in the time that you have? Just which beer has the most alcohol for your dollar? Look no further than the Intoxication Calculation. We are helping you find the best deals for the drinks you enjoy! Using a formula designed after tedious research at beer stores and bars, while also surveying individuals on what they feel are great deals for drinks, we are able to tell you whether or not the beer you're about to pay for is worth your money. Also, we calculate exactly how many ounces of alcohol you are getting per dollar spent. The more ounces of alcohol per dollar, the happier you'll be! Compare all the drinks on the menu and see which is the best buy. Download the Intoxication Calculation! Happy drinking!

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Grocery Pal

Ever find yourself lost in a jungle known as the grocery store? Strolling along without a care in the world? When suddenly two cans of soup jump out screaming "BUY ME!" and you're quite not sure what to do? Well there is no need to worry any longer with your Grocery Pal app. This app allows you to compare prices of different items at the grocery store! Now one of those soup cans is going to look extra silly when you find out he costs 50% more than the other one. Are they screaming in a different language? Grocery Pal has you taken care of. He can convert between any measuring unit you'll find at the grocery store. Pounds, ounces, metric tons; he speaks them all! Don't find yourself lonely in your local grocery store. Download Grocery Pal now!

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Javorek Ab Circuit

Javorek Ab Circuit will help you get the abs you want! Bringing you the popular ab workout created by USA Strength and Conditioning Hall of Famer Istvan Javorek himself in an easy to use form. You can pause your workout at any time and view your results at the end of each workout. Voice dictation is also an option if you don't want to read what comes next. This app offers a new take on the Javorek Abs workout, letting you choose to do each exercise for a particular amount of time rather than the standard number of repetitions. If you want to get a great workout, download Javorek Ab Circuit. Best of all, it's FREE!!

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